Minwax Vs Varathane Oil Finish

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As I mentioned previously on here this is what we have in our LR & DR and it seems much nicer than any poly we’ve ever had. While I kinda agree with Defcon about furniture finishes, floors need polyurethane, especially in a high use area such as a kitchen and if you have kids and/or dogs. We repainted our kitchen table using a primer then 2 players of paint. Then the lowes associate told us to use polyacrylic and now there is brush strokes all over it. Polycrylic creates a durable finish and is great for surfaces that are very frequently used such as desks, kid’s furniture and tables. Moreover you cannot dispute the shine that polyurethane layering gives to expensive wood furniture and wooden flooring.

minwax vs varathane stain

Varathane also produces wood putty for patching small holes and touch markers for correcting inconsistencies in the finish. One of the things Varathane is best known for is the fast dry time of their finishes. The Varathane Fast Dry Wood Stain for example, can dry within one hour of application. Not only does that save you time in the moment, but it makes the entire project go by quicker. Wood finishing products serve more purposes than just enhancing the look of the wood it is applied to.

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I tried brushing the Polycrylic, and it was streaky. (Look how orange that wood top is!! Yikes!) So I decided to take a chance and try something a little different — white with some gold accents. That didn’t work, so I decided to go with a black base and a stained top. Links on Salvaged Inspirations may be sponsored links and/or affiliate links. For full disclosures and privacy policy click here.

minwax vs varathane stain

I found it to be similar to Early American but with more muted brown tones and no red tones. I’ve seen it used on flooring and it’s another very versatile stain color. I hate the look of stain on pine because it reverses the colouration, in that it turns the soft lighter wood dark and the harder rings stay light. IMO you want to seal the pine with a shellac and then sort of glaze it with a poly stain.

Each finish adds to the final color(except water based which generally dries clear. Oil based refers to a product having oil as the main component, the same for water based, which refers to a product with the main ingredient as water. Varathane wood fillers and wood putties can work on any wooden surfaces and when completely dry, can be nailed, drilled or screwed into as they are durable. They are water based and dry quickly and do not crack when dry. You have three options; water- based wood filler, epoxy or solvent- based wood filler. It has a four color range; brown, clear, off- white and white.

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Their Ultimate Polyurethane Oil Based finish provides clarity over the wood and goes on in two easy coats. That specific finish is perfect for adding a nice, warm sheen to your wood. As with all of their finishes, the Ultimate Polyurethane minwax vs varathane stain Oil-Based finish lasts a long time and offers damage protection. Choosing between wood finishing products is not as easy as it seems. It doesn’t help the matter that there are so many great options out there to choose from.

Wood Finishes – Stain, Shellac, Oil, Varnish & Paint (The Basics) – BobVila.com

Wood Finishes – Stain, Shellac, Oil, Varnish & Paint (The Basics).

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Colloquially, people use the term urethane to refer to a type of varnish, while the term Varathane refers to a brand of varnishes, sealers and similar products. Urethane is another name for ethyl carbamate, which is a chemical used in industrial applications. I am still curious about tung oil finished floors.

Many times, a wood floor is not a great DIY job – may be better to get them involved now rather than later on. If you’re a novice and you like the goof-proof nature of gel stains, you can use the Bartley and Minwax products for all of your staining work. Regardless of your skill level, the Wood-Kote seemed best suited to the tasks described in the previous section. Today, you can buy fiberglass and hardboard doors with a wood-grain embossed surface, and steel doors with nonembossed surfaces. Gel stains help you give both types of surfaces a grain-like appearance. In the photo above, we treated the left side of this birch board with conditioner and a thin-bodied stain.

minwax vs varathane stain

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Some of the methods do not require conditioning the wood, even with woods such as pine. One issue you may encounter is that the stain is diluted by the conditioner. As always, make sure to do a test piece before you apply it to whatever you are working on.

2) It will need to dry as is for a period of time and then you will need to restain it. Making statements based on opinion; back them up with references or personal experience. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. Please also read our Privacy Notice and Terms of Use, which became effective December 20, 2019.

  • The mineral spirits will remove any active/excess stain from surface and help the stain to cure out.
  • They do, but I am not sure how it would protect the interior stain from fading.
  • I usually do at least two coats and then do a final buff.
  • But after a few days, the carvings I applied the Varathane finish doesn’t smell anything, so I expect the Minwax to be the same.
  • It sounds like the wood may not have been sanded down enough and pores in the grain may still be sealed and are keeping the stain from penetrating.
  • For outdoor projects, such as staining a porch or deck, you’ll need a product like the Ready Seal Exterior Wood Stain and Sealer.
  • You can spread the peanut butter, but you can’t apply it in a thin or translucent layer the way you can, say, warmed butter.
  • 2) It will need to dry as is for a period of time and then you will need to restain it.
  • These Wood Finishing Cloths are available in several popular shades, and you get eight wipes per package.

I loved pine with the lights and darks, but not the medium stains. Like I said, I wish we could do 15 more of these! I think each wood species looked great with some stains and subpar with others.

With that being said it is wiser to be quality bias as compared to product bias. Of the three water based finishes I mentioned these are products that some clients prefer by name. What can be agreed upon by any maker of professional products is that they all in fact are superior to what’s generally a household name to homeowners. Additionally as you know regardless of what finish is used, the finish is only going to be as good as the sanding and preparation prior to the application of finish. While what finish is used is certainly important, the sanding and prep are more important. While I like you do not condone home owners to take on the art and science of sanding and refinishing their own wood flooring certain home owners feel up to the task.

Dye stains are much more forgiving when applying and even when a color variation do occur, which rare with dye, it can easily be buffed out. Not sure if you are doing this yourself or if you hired a professional. I’m guessing you might be doing this yourself as professionals wouldn’t use minwax nor would they do 2 coats of stain. So, you may want to hire a professional for the next go round.

What worked for me was to roll on the polycrylic with a foan roller then come behind with a dry brush, and smooth it with the grain, once or twice. It does make for very thin coats, but after 3 it was smooth and had only a slight feel of the grain in some areas. You put down OIL based primer, then WATER based latex paint.

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If you want a lighter color, wipe away more quickly. However do not let excess stain dry on top of the wood. Oil based stain must dry for 24 hours before you begin top coating. So it can be a lengthier process than some other stain options. Second, I recently had my front doors restained.

He is happy to get his printer off the floor and onto a stand that fits a small space next to his desk. It looks better and cost less than the fiberboard stuff in the discount stores. He was done building and staining his piece in one day. Gel wood stains are oil based and work to add an authentic touch to your wood and highlight the wood’s natural aspect. The oil based poly driest fastest as compared to other polyurethanes and does not show any brush strokes. Two of the leading wood finishing products that make the search easier are Varathane and Minwax.

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These popular stains have been used on more do-it-yourself projects than any others. The water-based stains are generally mixed at the paint counter, allowing you the opportunity for a little customization. It’s hard to tell a stain’s quality by looking at the label or even by using it once. Typically, it takes quite a bit of experience working with a particular brand of stain to know exactly how to work with it and how good it is. When shopping, it’s a good idea to pay a lot of attention to the reputation of the products you are looking at. Higher quality products will usually provide a richer, more even finish than cheaper ones will.

I have done quite a bit of refinishing and have never had this happen before. I have read all the comments and problems, that people are having with stain oil based. I am having the same problem, I striped the old stain on a Mahogany Buffet, sanded and put the conditioner. All was okay I wiped all excess,and was dry next day, but then on the third coat I forgot to clean excess and now after 12 hour still is sticky to the touch. I went to HD and people there told me to strip and sand all over again. Sorry I will try what you say first and then I will let you know what happens.

There is very little difference between the conditioned and unconditioned white and red oaks, but the other three definitely benefited from the pre-stain conditioner. You might want to apply a sealer for your final finish on certain projects because this product isn’t hard to smudge and wear off. You might have to apply multiple coats to darker woods. This option won’t cover non-wood surfaces very well. Minwax gel stains are suitable for a variety of materials.

This wood finish can hold up to pets, heavy traffic, and more. If you’re sensitive to smells, you’ll respect this water-based polyurethane’s delicate to non-existent odor. You should wait approximately 2 hours before including a new coat. The end ought to be ready for gentle use after about 24 hours. A single quart of this product ought varathane vs minwax to cowl roughly 125 square toes of flooring. You need approximately three coats to get Minwax’s promised sturdiness.

Oils and stains, on the other hand, are appropriate for interior woods that need less protection. On the other hand, Varathane’s products are slightly less versatile. They’re best suited to finished interior wooden surfaces, such as cabinets and furniture.

The paint must be allowed to cure before applying the Polycrylic. If it isn’t allowed enough time to fully dry/cure then it will react with the paint and result in hazy or uneven results. Well, this is the third time I’ve used it, at a different time of the year, and with a brand new quart of Polycrylic, and it ruined my table. I suppose I could try dragging the heavy, bulky table outside to spray it. Or I could spend all that time and effort draping that side of the room in drop cloths again so I can spray it inside.

Of course pine is not really great for “fine” woodworking, but its good enough for me. Also, it is available at many home improvement stores so it is widely available. Using a wood conditioner just before staining will solve this issue. Find out which finish is best for your project, water-based or oil-based polyurethane. Both are durable and good-looking, but there are differences. I love the teal, but wonder how it will look with all the other beautiful colors you have in the room.

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When I apply polyurethane or water based poly or spar varnish, I always do two things. I use a really good varnish brush and use #0000 steel wool and buff the finish after it has hardened. I usually do at least two coats and then do a final buff. And the finish is smooth as silk and looks beautiful. My wood boards and rods for shelving have dried to touch but still give off a horrible smell.

I haven’t needed to use any of my quality brushes, yet, but I have been going thru tons of rags! I have also used foam brushes and cheap bristle brushes from the dollar store. I keep them in separate plastic bags while painting/staining any given project. If they are is decent shape after I am done, I clean them and put them in the cheapo brush bin.

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