6 Best Weed Eaters For Women Of 2021

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If you have a large yard or have not kept up with the garden maintenance lately, gas just might be the way to go. When it comes to lawn and yard maintenance, the right tool makes a big difference. While lawn mowers help to maintain the height of grass, a good weed trimmer will keep the lawn looking properly trimmed at the same time. Better still, many trimmers can pull double duty as edgers and mini-mowers at the same time. Preferably, any weed eater you purchase should be extremely light.

The automatic feed system helps take the guesswork out of adjusting your string line. If you need to edge the landscape, rotate the cutting head and guide yourself with the edger wheel. You get the most value out of a system when you can use one battery and charger platform rather than managing several. Even if you’re not making the full transition to battery power yet, make sure the system you’re buying into has all the pieces you’ll need down the road. You can find less expensive systems, but they tend to sacrifice power or build quality to hit the lower price points. Most brands offer multiple starter kits and some have more comprehensive kits.

Worx Wg163 Cordless Weed Eater For Women

We consulted experts on what string trimmers are, how they work and what are the best string trimmers to consider right now. A steel-bladed edger is the best choice to set the initial landscape edges along curbs, walkways, and bedlines. This Husqvarna Titanium Force trimmer line is made of commercial-grade copolymer material for longer life and better performance. Twisted string provides a cleaner cut than a round string in thick weeds and has comparable durability around hard surfaces. The reduced air resistance makes it operate with less noise and vibration of the trimmer head than other string shapes.

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It comes with a 2.0 Ah battery, which gave us a bit over 20 minutes of cutting time. The good news is that it’s easy to hear the motor bog down when it’s struggling. In these cases, we could try to cut the weeds down with a slower approach. This Ego has the easiest line-load system we’ve ever used, a process described in detail in the Ego ST1510T manual . When all of the string is used up, just load about 16 feet of line through the trimmer head so that there are 8 feet sticking out of each side, and then pop its cover on.

Best Trimmer And Edger Combo

So, you can be sure you are buying a product which will be protected for a very long time. For anyone looking to get serious about home landscaping, a weed eater is a fantastic investment. A weed eater can eliminate a lot of the back-breaking labour of making your lawn look nice and manicured. It gets rid of the need to bend over, taking plenty of stress off your back and your knees.

The other trimmers we looked at all had slower motors, which resulted in a loud smacking noise as the string slapped against the cutter, until it reached cutting speed. This really sounds awful, and in one case, we actually thought the trimmer was broken. Trimming is such a start-stop activity that having to deal with a less-than-perfect auto-feed system got old really quickly. We think the vast majority of people will be able to get by with a cordless string trimmer.

The trimmer has a 15-inch trimming radius and a dual-string cutting head with a bump-feed system for quick trimmer string feeding that doesn’t interrupt the work. It operates at three speed settings, ranging from low to high, and weighs 11 pounds. This Makita string trimmer is a premium option to keep the lawn and garden under control, and it can handle small to large yards with enough power to tackle dense weed growth. The best string trimmers can run on gas, a direct electrical connection, or a battery. The string trimmers that operate on a battery have the same freedom of movement as a gas trimmer, but the user doesn’t need to worry about the heavy weight.

best weed eater

#4 Pick – Great all round features from a reputable manufacturer. Not as competitively priced as the Worx equivalent but probably the best option if you own other Makita products and therefore don’t have to invest in the battery. One battery should be able to be charged from 0-100% in around 30 minutes.

The unit has taken the top position as it comes with plenty of top-level features for a short person. We all know that there are two primary types of weed eater i.e. electric trimmer and gas trimmer. The electric weed eater is the better solution for a woman or a short person. The 40-volt battery drives the 13-inch trimming head for up to 1 hour before needing to be replaced.

The shaft is the portion of the trimmer that extends from the engine to the blade, and it’s where the transfer of power happens. Curved shafts are known to be lighter and easier to maneuver around tough-to-reach spots, whereas straight shafts will always have a longer reach. Again, this is totally dependent on your personalized needs and your particular lawn. This weed eater does not sport some of the features other weed eaters have such as an edging guide because this tool is meant more for the heavy duty brush trimming. The Dewalt 20V Max string trimmer is a fantastic choice if you already own Dewalt power tools.

Expert Tips For Using A Commercial Weed Eater

We’ll give you some recommendations on the best battery-powered weed eaters below, but this list is far from exhaustive. Since these machines lack combustible engines, that also means less maintenance. When trimming, hold the head at a slight angle – it’s the end of the trimmer line that does the cutting – and proceed slowly.

It’s lightweight, easy to maneuver, and offers both string and blade options. It offers multiple attachment options as well, and can be turned into a cultivator, hedge trimmer, or blower . If you’re investing a lot of money into a piece of equipment like this, you’ll want to consider the types of blade available for your unit, as well as the cost of replacement blades. Similarly, even string trimmers offer different diameters of cord, and units which use thicker cord often can handle more rugged cutting duties than their lightweight cousins.

Trimmer Safety Guard

The entire purpose of buying an attachment system is to eliminate the need for a bunch of individual tools. Make sure the system you’re buying into has everything you need. However, if you really want a blower and the brand you’re working with doesn’t make one, you’re stuck buying a handheld model instead.

best weed eater

The choice is at our discretion, although many users prefer to have a spare battery always charged for use at the right time. If this is the case, we should opt for models with removable batteries. The heart of the weed eater is the battery, so that’s where you need to look for power and quality, knowing that a good battery must offer at least 500 recharges. Secondly, there are multifunctional tools, i.e. a single device delivered with different types of cutting heads (pruner, hedge trimmer, chainsaw, edger, etc.). This is very convenient for gardeners who have different types of maintenance to do.

Greenworks Pro 80v Cordless Brushless String Trimmer + Leaf Blower ..

Most people have a single, but dual lines give you extra power against the words grass and weeds. If you must cut through tough weeds and grass, you will probably want something with a lot of power. Spend time determining what you need for you and your lifestyle. Consider your lawn size and the type of grass you will be cutting.

Convert to an edger in seconds, with dual-positioned in-line wheels that make edging a breeze. The innovative Command FeedTM instant line feeding system best weed eater keeps you productively moving on your lawn projects. Make easy height adjustments to the telescopic shaft using the quick-release trigger lever.

Size And Weight

And the EGO Power+ ST1521S’s durability ought to be the least of your worries. EGO boasts that its weed wacker has a carbon fiber shaft stronger than any other string trimmer on the market. The shaft also comes equipped with a lifetime warranty when you buy from EGO.

  • For all its power, it has slightly better vibration damping than the Echo and is a bit heavier.
  • Some string trimmers can only be operated for around twenty minutes before the battery needs to be recharged – a process that can easily take an hour and a half or more.
  • The first thing you want to decide is whether to buy a straight or curved shaft model.
  • This is truly an amazing thing because then you can focus on what is most important, working on your lawn, rather than spending time figuring out why the line will not come out.
  • To maximize the power of the battery, the trimmer offers two-speed settings to allow you to optimize your battery’s life.
  • While a regular weed eater will easily take care of a large yard, you’ll need a commercial weed eater if you have a large lawn.
  • Straight shaft models are great for sweeping cuts over large areas.

Some walk-behind weed eaters are designed to replace the lawnmower completely, as a stand-alone unit. Others are made as an attachment for mowers or made to transform into lawnmowers. Wheeled weed eaters work excellent for seniors or folks with smaller yards to maintain.

Plus, the valve throttle protection switch prevents accidental triggers, which is a lifesaver if you have overactive kids at home. Lastly, the backpack carrying design is another excellent feature that enhances operator comfort and overall utility. First things first, we cannot get enough of its engine efficiency, ensuring smooth operation and reduced vibration. Therefore, if you want a user-friendly option that’s more manageable, this one surely checks the box. It’s also attachment-capable, and as such, you can pair with 10 different TrimmerPlus parts and convert it to a pole saw, blower, edger, cultivator, and more.

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